Analysis of Swedish Policy - COVID-19

In relation to the COVID-19 Horizon collaboration, Mattias Kyhlstedt has been asked to lead the analysis of the Swedish policy regarding COVID-19. In the work he is collaborating with researcher from several universities.

This is the press-release about the initiative for this specific paper:

Dear Friends and Colleagues

I hope you are doing well in these unprecedented times.

In last few weeks, my colleagues and I have been pursuing research on COVID-19 to provide guidance to governments, businesses and the broad community.

We are delighted to announce that the Value of Health Economics and Policy Group at the University of Newcastle (VheP) has reached an agreement with the Editorial team of the Elsevier journal Health Policy and Technology  led by Prof Redekop (Erasmus University Rotterdam) to publish a Special issue on the impact of Covid-19 and associated policy and technology responses on health, healthcare systems, and society covering ~ 25 countries among the most affected by the pandemic. The guest Editorial board has the exceptional participation of Dr Craig DaltonDr Doowon Lee and myself, all from the University of Newcastle, Australia.