French Digital Health to address COVID-19


We are in the process to analyze the use of digital solutions as a measure to directly issue COVID-19. This is a summary regarding the status in France provide by MediTech Access SAS - Thank you.

Don't miss the upcoming expert discussion about the use of Digital Health to address COVID-19 on April 16th. 


Available ?


Self-assessment solutions


Chat-bots for patients to ask questions


Many websites (including Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp official accounts).

Based on the following algorithm: (see the rules here: link).

Developed by Clevy, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, the Institut Pasteur and the AP HP (Parisian hospitals).

Digital solutions to monitor disease spread


Self tracking app

No ?

Digital solutions using GEO tracking

No ?

Digital solutions using proximity tracking

In development

App called “Stopcovid”.

"StopCovid" that could see the use of a proximity-tracking, bluetooth-based app that users would install on their mobile phone on a voluntary basis.

This smartphone app that could warn users if they came into contact with a coronavirus carrier.